Recent Work: Birth Announcements

The last big design project I did outside of work was Kash’s birth announcements. I started working on these right after I gave birth, but honestly I wish I would have started them while I was still pregnant! Designing for yourself is hard and it’s even harder when you have a brand new baby at home. So, you’re trying to figure out breastfeeding, diapering, and doing everything in your power to get that beautiful baby to just sleep – and, when you finally get all of that done all you want to do is sleep. Or sit on the couch and stare off into space. Both of which I did a lot on maternity leave. Something I didn’t do a lot of: showering.

birth announcements

Anyway, we got off on a tangent there. Somehow, I found a little bit of time to design these and have them printed, but I do wish I could have spent more time on them.



For the design of these, I really wanted the focus to be the photo and to keep the design super simple. The photo I used was one that the photographer at the hospital took literally 8 hours after Kash was born. I love that Zach’s hands are holding him up, and I love how his hands are up by his face, which is how he hung out in the womb and how he still sleeps today.

So, advice for all you pregnant designers out there thinking about designing your birth announcements: either start now, or find an amazing design on a site like Minted. It will make your life after birth a little easier. And, with the time I helped you free up, go ahead and use it to take a shower and wash your hair. Or just sleep. Always sleep.

Recent Work: Jason & Brittany

I haven’t been working on much outside of my day job lately – what with the unbelievable exhaustion that comes with growing a human inside of your body – but, somehow, I managed to finish up my brother-in-law’s wedding invitations. You may remember a couple of posts featuring snippets of this design, I even did a DIY post on how I created the ombre watercolor background for these.



My new sister-in-law had a pretty strong vision for what she wanted her wedding invitation design to look and feel like. Her colors were shades of teal and she really loved the idea of incorporating the string lights they were using in the tent at the reception. Having a color palette of shades of teal, I thought an ombre background design would work perfectly. Once I had the background designed, I created a very simple initial logo to tie all of the pieces together, and added an abstract string light element.


In Progress 01: J + B Wedding

Remember this Moodboard I posted a couple months ago? Well, here’s a little sneak peek at how that wedding invite design is going. This is what I used that DIY Ombre Watercolor Paper tutorial for! I’ll share more of this design in a few months after we get everything finished up and printed. I’m really excited to see everything come together!

Moodboard 02: Sweater Weather


It was 80 degrees last week. Overnight, it dropped about 30 degrees making it a cool 50 degrees – in our house. So, here I sit daydreaming about cozy sweaters, bonfires, thick socks, a warm cup of coffee and curling up in bed under three comforters. Instead I’m sending dangerously close to my space heater, so close that I’m sure my leg and arms are red with warmth, with my leggings tucked into my Uggs. And, that, my friends was the inspiration for this moodboard. Stay warm!

Moodboard 01: J + B Wedding


Sneak peek of something fun I get to work on this fall! My brother-in-law is getting married in May, and I have the privilege to work on their wedding invitations. I’ve mentioned before how much I love to work on wedding invitations, right? I’m really excited to get started on these.

The colors they’ve picked out are shades of teal and mint. I really want to incorporate some ombre-watercolor goodness into the design. How fun would that be? Also, loving the idea of bringing in some simplified string lights foreshadowing their reception decor!

I’ll share more soon!

Recent Work: Ben & Chase

I’m exactly one year and one day late with this post, but here we go. I had so much fun with this project. Anything wedding related is generally fun to design. Must be the love or something. All I know, is that any day I get to design wedding invitations is a good day. I really wish I got to design them more often. I even designed the invitations and other paper goods for my own wedding.

Anyway, these invitations were for a childhood friend of my husband. They are both aircraft enthusiasts. I think that happens when you go to school for aerospace engineering, and end up working at one of the aircraft manufacturers in town. Their goal was to have a custom logo, invitations, magnet save-the-dates, and a ceremony program.

For the logo, I kept it pretty simple with a cool script and a yellow airplane graphic. Some earlier versions of their logo included very simple typographic elements and some seals/ribbons. In the end, I think the logo suited the theme perfectly.

We carried the logo through on every element, tying every piece together. The bride, Chase, even had it printed on koozies and their guest book puzzle!

DSC_0691 DSC_0695