Freebie: Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Free printable holiday gift tags.How many of you have your Christmas wrapping done? I’m usually wrapping up to the last minute on Christmas Eve. And, usually my wrapping job includes really fancy Sharpie-right-on-the-wrapping labels. Well, not this year. I created three fun gift tag designs, and since I like to share, you can download these for your presents as well!


Click here to download.

Usage policy: Please do not share the downloadable images on your blog/website, use for profit, or claim as your own. All artwork is my own, unless otherwise stated. Not to be used in any other form than the original. If you’d like to share, please be sure to link back to this post so your visitors can grab them directly.

DIY Ombre Watercolor Paper

DIY-watercolor-ombre-paperIs ombre still a thing? I sure hope so, because this DIY Ombre Watercolor Paper turned out gorgeous! This project is the perfect way to spend a chilly Sunday morning. Well, this and a huge cup of warm coffee – November started out very cold around here.

Spice up your DIY wedding invites, create a one-of-a-kind piece for your gallery wall, or scan them and use as desktop background or Photoshop texture in just a few steps. The possibilities are endless! The great thing about this process? It’s quick, easy and only requires a couple of supplies.

Ready to get started?


Gather your supplies.

1. Watercolor Paper. I used cold press paper because I wanted the extra texture. But, if you want a smoother look, use hot press.
2. Watercolor Paint. These can get a little expensive if you’re at a craft store, but for this project you don’t need to spend the extra money. I used an inexpensive palette from Michael’s, which just happened to have the exact color I wanted. That’s the great thing about palettes – no need to mix colors!
3. Paint Brushes. This is where you might want to spend a little extra money. I used some cheapies I got from Walmart and they left stray brush hairs all over my paper – not ideal. Once I swapped them out for a more expensive set I had from art school, no more hairy paint!
4. Water and Paper Towels.

DIY-watercolor-ombre-paper-step-1Step 1.

Go ahead and flood that paper with water. Just soak your brush with water and start “painting” it on.

DIY-watercolor-ombre-paper-step-2Step 2.

Next up, slowly add a light wash of your color. You only need to pick up a small amount of paint since the water we added in step one will significantly dilute the color. Keep slowly adding layers of color, remember to start at the top of the paper – since this is ombre, you’ll want to keep building the intensity of the color at the top so it can fade out at the bottom.

DIY-watercolor-ombre-paper-step-4Step 3.

After you’ve added a couple layers of color, add a few big drops of water to the top of the paper. Then, pick up the paper and let the color slide down the page. Now, it might look a little “off” at first, but don’t worry we’ll fix it up in the next step.

DIY-watercolor-ombre-paper-step-5Step 4.

So, after the gravity trick in step 3, the color towards the bottom of the page might be a little darker than you want – but, that’s easy to clean up! Take a paper towel and start dabbing to soak up some of the water and color at the bottom of the page. Doing this will give you great texture, but will also give you the gradient/ombre effect you want.

DIY-watercolor-ombre-paper-step-6DIY-watercolor-ombre-paper-step-7Step 5.

Now, keep repeating those steps until you reach the desired gradient effect!

DIY-watercolor-ombre-paper-easyLet dry and start using your paper – or start taking pretty pictures of it!

Now, I have a pretty specific way I’m going to use this paper, but if you don’t have any ideas for it yet, keep an eye out for an upcoming post where I’ll give you some great ideas!