Recent Work: Birth Announcements

The last big design project I did outside of work was Kash’s birth announcements. I started working on these right after I gave birth, but honestly I wish I would have started them while I was still pregnant! Designing for yourself is hard and it’s even harder when you have a brand new baby at home. So, you’re trying to figure out breastfeeding, diapering, and doing everything in your power to get that beautiful baby to just sleep – and, when you finally get all of that done all you want to do is sleep. Or sit on the couch and stare off into space. Both of which I did a lot on maternity leave. Something I didn’t do a lot of: showering.

birth announcements

Anyway, we got off on a tangent there. Somehow, I found a little bit of time to design these and have them printed, but I do wish I could have spent more time on them.



For the design of these, I really wanted the focus to be the photo and to keep the design super simple. The photo I used was one that the photographer at the hospital took literally 8 hours after Kash was born. I love that Zach’s hands are holding him up, and I love how his hands are up by his face, which is how he hung out in the womb and how he still sleeps today.

So, advice for all you pregnant designers out there thinking about designing your birth announcements: either start now, or find an amazing design on a site like Minted. It will make your life after birth a little easier. And, with the time I helped you free up, go ahead and use it to take a shower and wash your hair. Or just sleep. Always sleep.

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