Kash Aaron: 6 Month Update

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So, it might be a little ridiculous that I’m starting these updates when Kash is already half way to his first birthday – but, #momlife man. Seriously, someone get me one of those “Mommin’ ain’t easy” tees that I’ve seen all over Instagram.

I just spent three hours trying to get a clingy, tired, momma’s boy to bed. By myself. He’s been asleep for not even 45 min and I feel like I’ve won a freaking gold medal. For reference, Zach’s been out of town for four days and for three of those days, Kash has ended up sleeping in bed with me. Attached to the boob. Then, falling off the boob in the middle of the night and ravenously clawing his way back to it to continue his all-you-can-eat all-night boob buffet. Is this the 6 month growth spurt?

6 months 7 days old. 15 lbs 12.5 oz. 26 inches. With a head circumference of 17.5 inches.

What is sleep? We had to transition him out of the Rock ‘n Play since he was getting way too long for it. So, I picked up the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit after reading tons of great reviews. The first couple nights, he did pretty well in it. Then, something happened and we were only getting about an hour to an hour and a half of sleep before he was up screaming again. Fingers crossed he is just going through some sort of growth spurt or phase.

We’re still nursing – about every couple hours when I’m home and he drinks anywhere from 8-15 oz of pumped milk from a bottle while I’m at work.  And, we introduced vegetables a couple of weeks ago – this kid loves to eat. So far we’ve had: sweet potatoes, carrots, and butternut squash. He loves the sweet potatoes and carrots, but didn’t care too much for that squash. I don’t blame him.

He’s been a roly poly for a couple of months now – belly to back, back to belly. He is oh so close to sitting up on his own. But, right now he’s been obsessed with standing! Not on his own yet, of course, but if you’re trying to get him to sit, he will straighten his legs and push up to stand. On his belly, he will pull his legs underneath him, but he hasn’t seemed interested in moving just yet. When he does, we are in trouble, because he is too curious for his own good. I see a lot of baby-proofing in the near future.

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