I’m so pregnant.

Can we just both forget that I haven’t posted to this blog since January? OK, great.

Although there are many reasons why I’ve been gone for so long, the big one is baby Close due in September! We’re pretty (freaked out) excited to meet this tiny human in just a few short months!

I’ll be doing regular pregnancy updates starting this week. So, if reading about weird pregnancy symptoms and seeing weekly photos of this growing bump is something you’re into, stay tuned!

Freebie: Printable Holiday Gift Tags

Free printable holiday gift tags.How many of you have your Christmas wrapping done? I’m usually wrapping up to the last minute on Christmas Eve. And, usually my wrapping job includes really fancy Sharpie-right-on-the-wrapping labels. Well, not this year. I created three fun gift tag designs, and since I like to share, you can download these for your presents as well!


Click here to download.

Usage policy: Please do not share the downloadable images on your blog/website, use for profit, or claim as your own. All artwork is my own, unless otherwise stated. Not to be used in any other form than the original. If you’d like to share, please be sure to link back to this post so your visitors can grab them directly.

In Progress 01: J + B Wedding

Remember this Moodboard I posted a couple months ago? Well, here’s a little sneak peek at how that wedding invite design is going. This is what I used that DIY Ombre Watercolor Paper tutorial for! I’ll share more of this design in a few months after we get everything finished up and printed. I’m really excited to see everything come together!

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $25

Starbucks Travel Mug ($19.95) / Delfonics Quitterie Pouch ($22) / Terrarium ($39 – oops, went over) / The Big Book of Bacon ($15) / Lush “Shine” Gift Set ($24.95) / Essie Nail Polish ($8.50) / Minimergency Kit ($16) / Sandlot Tee ($20)

And, check out this Pinterest board I created for all of my Holiday Gift Guides this year! I’ll be adding more stuff as I create guides – stay tuned.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide: My Wish List

It’s Sunday when I’m writing this. It’s Sunday, the Christmas tree is up, there are lights all over the house, red and silver glitter stuck to almost everything, and I’m on my 10th episode of Property Brothers. So, it’s obviously the perfect time to work on my Christmas wish list.

My mom has been asking for a Christmas list since before Thanksgiving. I still haven’t given her one, but I did have time to make a pretty little graphic for this blog post. Anyway, let me share some of these items with you incase they spark an idea for your list… then, maybe I’ll send my mom a list tomorrow.

1. New Balance Sneakers. I’ve been seeing these all over Instagram and I want them. I want them bad.
2. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I have a face. And, it needs powder. Pretty, pretty powder.
3. John Lennon Poster. I’ve always loved this photo – it would look so amazing in our living room or basement.
4. Wacom Tablet. Not really a necessity, but it would be pretty handy to have!
5. Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer. Um, this is like a Polaroid camera for your Instagram photos. I need it.
6. Photojojo iPhone Lens. I really want the Fisheye lens, but they are all so cool!
7. The Wes Anderson Collection. I’ve been on the hunt for some coffee table books. This would be perfect.
8. Nikon 50mm Lens. I’ve wanted another lens for my camera for a while now, this one would be a great addition to my (non-existent) collection.
9. Michael Kors Watch. I’ve always wanted to be a watch person. And, I think I could be if I had a pretty Michael Kors watch. I love the bigger “boyfriend” styles. And, this black one is pretty unique.

Monthly Wrap & December Goals

Since I’ve finally emerged from my two Thanksgiving dinner induced food coma, I thought I’d recap the month of November and set some goals for December. This post might be a mess, because I have a very irritated and squirmy weenie dog on my lap who just wants to chase her tail around all day.

Here were my goals from November:

1. Start waking up an hour earlier (during the week).
2. Start and finish at least 5 books. I only finished one book… maybe 5 books in one month was too ambitious.
3. Clean up the house a little each day. Our house is a disaster zone. Mainly because of the kitchen mess we made making last minute desserts and sides for our two Thanksgiving dinners.
4. Do a load of laundry during the week. Hah. I think laundry will continue to be exclusively done over the weekends. Usually very late on Sunday.
5. Meal prepping, planning and grocery shopping.

So, this might be cheating but, I’m going to make my December goals ridiculously easy and fun. Because, Christmas. And, who wants to do actual work in the month of December?

What I’d like to accomplish in December:

1. Take more photos.
2. Design myself business cards for Go Blog Social.
3. Eat lots and lots of Christmas cookies.
4. Work out at least 30 minutes each day – to offset the Christmas cookie consumption.
5. Buy everyone really amazing Christmas gifts.