Recent Work: Ben & Chase

I’m exactly one year and one day late with this post, but here we go. I had so much fun with this project. Anything wedding related is generally fun to design. Must be the love or something. All I know, is that any day I get to design wedding invitations is a good day. I really wish I got to design them more often. I even designed the invitations and other paper goods for my own wedding.

Anyway, these invitations were for a childhood friend of my husband. They are both aircraft enthusiasts. I think that happens when you go to school for aerospace engineering, and end up working at one of the aircraft manufacturers in town. Their goal was to have a custom logo, invitations, magnet save-the-dates, and a ceremony program.

For the logo, I kept it pretty simple with a cool script and a yellow airplane graphic. Some earlier versions of their logo included very simple typographic elements and some seals/ribbons. In the end, I think the logo suited the theme perfectly.

We carried the logo through on every element, tying every piece together. The bride, Chase, even had it printed on koozies and their guest book puzzle!

DSC_0691 DSC_0695

Photo Diary 01: Kansas City

In February, my husband and I took a Valentine’s/Anniversary trip up to Kansas City. I brought along my camera, and only took photos when we visited Union Station. Is this a surprise? Absolutely not.

But really, the entire trip consisted of driving, visiting Union Station, figuring out that there really isn’t much to see in Union Station, leaving Union Station after 10 photos taken and about 30 minutes, driving, shopping, picking up some cheesecake, picking up dinner, eating said cheesecake and dinner in our hotel room while watching something on the History Channel, sleeping, driving. I think we might have ate again after we drove home, but otherwise, a pretty uneventful, yet relaxing weekend getaway.


Listen to This: Winter

Kicking off my Soundtrack post series with a playlist that will leave you curled up with a warm cup of tea and a good book. Or maybe Tumblr. These are a few of my go-to songs when I just need to chill out. Easy to listen to, full of piano melodies, soft guitar strumming, and a soulful voice.

♫ Spotify

01. Blood Bank | Bon Iver
02. The Blower’s Daughter | Damien Rice
03. Winter in my Heart | The Avett Brothers
04. Gravity | Sara Bareilles
05. Let Her Go | Passenger
06. Wash. | Bon Iver
07. Beautiful | Ben Rector
08. Another Love | Tom Odell

Recent Work: Fit Not Fad


This is – so far – my favorite custom blog design I’ve had the pleasure of completing. I worked with Paige on a re-design of her blog – Fit Not Fad – a couple months ago via my Etsy shop. She didn’t have much going on with her design previously. Besides a simple text header and a pre-made background. I really wanted to give her a cohesive, branded look to her blog. Something she could keep and build upon as her blog readership increased. I really believe that a blog has the potential to become a brand. So, it’s important to start establishing that brand from the get-go.

First, I created a simple logo for her header. She really wanted something handwritten, and Jenna Sue has a really great playfulness to it. From the beginning, I always had the idea to create a few custom icons. These could be used not only for the header navigation, but also blog buttons, or for a post series. Just another way to build a cohesive brand look.

Paige was a pleasure to work with, and I really love the final product we created. If you’re looking for some great fitness and healthy eating tips, be sure to check out her blog. I’m also constantly amazed by her yoga skills. She has serious skills.


I never know how to start these things. I mean, has anyone really perfected this whole first sentence of a new blog post thing? If so, please let me in on the secret.

Anyway, I’m sitting here in my kitchen, on my laptop, with an episode of Seinfeld playing in the background. The one about independent George and relationship George. I feel like I can relate on some level to this episode. You know, the idea of having two versions of yourself wandering around. Trying not to collide with one another. Keeping each a secret, like you have two lives.

You see, there is lazy content home Kayla and head-swirling-with-ideas creative Kayla. One is perfectly content with her home-body self. Lounging around, checking episodes off her Hulu and Netflix queues. Reading, listening to music for hours on end. While the weekend and weeknight hours slip by.

But, then, there’s the other. The one who has a million creative ideas swirling around in her head. New additions to the Etsy shop. Craft projects for around the house. A blog post for a non-existent blog. But, because of home Kayla these ideas rarely see the light of day.

Well, the time has come. The time has come for these two worlds to collide. Yes, right here on this blog. This space will soon be the combination of creative ideas – new designs, the re-opening of my design studio and blog shop – and my personal adventures – music I’m loving, movies I’ve been watching, commentary on TV, maybe a travel photo or two.

So, stay tuned.